Lucas Ferrara – License #16000093332


Welcome to Landmark Home Inspections. My name is Lucas Ferrara, licensed home inspector and owner of Landmark. I have been in the construction industry for decades. My hands-on experience is one of my most valuable tools as a home inspector. I don’t wonder what the issue is or how to fix it – because I have likely fixed that same issue with my own two hands.

I am a dedicated inspector who is obsessed with being the best home inspector there is. Every client, every home, and every transaction we are part of gets our full attention and the best of inspections – every time.

I have a lifetime of experience, the best training, and resources in the industry, a deep dedication to every one of my clients, and I know enough about home building and design to be your very best choice for a home inspection.

Fairview NY Home Inspectors


When it comes to home inspections – we have you covered. We are not the type of company to be afraid of heights or of getting dirty. We get to the areas that other inspectors shy away from – and this comes from our years of industry experience. In addition to years of experience, I provide value, such as:

  • Advanced skills and qualifications
  • A thorough and detailed inspection report
  • Reliability and professionalism

If you need home inspection service in Poughkeepsie, NY or the surrounding Dutchess County area, call now to schedule your appointment.

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