Natural light is a requirement for many homeowners these days, but what if your home was not designed to allow a lot of light into it, is your only option artificial lighting? Not necessarily. There are a few ways to incorporate additional natural light into your home. Let’s explore some of the options.

Light tubes are one option. These are tubes that have been coated in highly reflective material and a lens that will not only boost low-level light but also reduce the midday sun’s intensity. As light channels through the tubes, a diffuser helps to provide an even distribution of light into the room.

Some windows will do more than provide an abundance of natural light. They can also help to regulate room temperature. An example of this is clerestory windows. They are short and wide in design and are generally installed high on a wall. The windows design and positioning mean that the roof’s overhang will prevent too much summer sun from coming into the room and adding additional heat. As the sun gets lower in the winter, however, it is then able to add warmth during the cold months.

One of the most effective ways to add an abundance of natural light is with a skylight. However, when installing this type of window, it is important to have a professional do it, or else you could end up with leaky windows and flashing. You will also want to choose double-paned skylight windows.

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