While we are not mold experts, a normal dry home averages 1 mold spore per cubic yard.  In a damp house, mold spores reach up to 7000 spores per cubic yard.

Did you know – New construction homes typically have 5 tons of water inherent in building materials.  That 5 tons of water may take 6 months to dry properly.

Mold Needs Three Things to Grow

Water, Air and a Food Source (Your home).  Eliminate the source of moisture and You can stop mold before it takes over Your home.

Mold and Your Health

Previous occupants may not have been affected by mold in the home.  Some people have no reaction to mold.  In those who do, the symptoms vary greatly.  The most common symptoms include eye irritation, sneezing, sinus problems, congestion, chronic coughing, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, irritability and migraines.  Often children and people with compromised immune systems are most susceptible to mold exposure.

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