Radio waves have now become an aspect of everybody’s life. Whether it be Wi-Fi, waves from your microwave, or even radio waves from you are TVs antenna, radio tower oh, there’s no escaping them. However, while many people may not know is that too much absorption of these waves into the human body can be dangerous. Here’s a couple things to remember that can help you to defend against these.

Make sure you live in an area for one thing that is far enough away from a radio tower. Radio towers emit large quantities of these radio waves, and have been known to cause certain cancers in families that live within a mile or two radius from prolonged exposure. Of course this may take many decades, but in the long-term it can happen. So by limiting yourself and your family from living in this area in the first place, you can help too completely keep your family safe in that regard.

The next thing that you can do is instead of microwaving everything, try using your stove more, or even an electric oven. These do not give off radio waves, that could injure you from prolonged exposure. Regarding your Wi-Fi, keep your router in an area that is kind of disclosed, like maybe in the closet, or in the Attic. That way the signal strength from their weights will be reduced because of the interference from materials in the floor. Keeping these things in mind will not only help to protect yourself and your family, but will also cut back on your energy bill.

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