So you think you have a leaky roof – and your floor says it all. Wet spots are appearing on the floor, so you decide to take a look on your roof to see if it really is leaking… But what are you going to be looking for? Well that is what is going to be discussed in this article.

The first thing you’d want to look for are potential shingles that are either coming off your roof from wind damage, rain damage, or just general storm damage. This shingles might be easy to pull off, look damaged, or are just not attached to your roof securely. Look for any holes in your roof, and by holes we mean spots where shingles may not cover. They don’t even have to be giant holes, they can start as little tiny holes, then over time, rot your rafters, which would then develop into bigger holes in your roof.

You also want to check your gutter system. Pine needles, grass, branches, and water, when frozen, can expand your system and then cause damage too, not only your gutters, but also to your roof. You can clear all of this debris either by hand, or by using a water hose and spraying every thing out. Regular maintenance on your roof and gutter system will help prevent long term problems for you and your roof.

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