In a large household, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. The kitchen also plays an important role for home inspectors, as its condition will often reveal a lot about the rest of the house. Let’s look at some parts of a kitchen that a home inspector will pay close attention to.

Water leaks are common in a kitchen but often go undetected, this can lead to some serious issues. A home inspector will check the area surrounding the sink, including inside the cupboards, to determine if there is any damage resulting from a water leak. The dishwasher is also inspected for signs of water damage. Cracked hoses and damaged seals may cause water to leak, which could go unnoticed for some time. The resulting damage could be mold and rotten subfloors.

The sink can also reveal something about the water pressure and drainage in the home. Turn on the faucet and run the water a while to see how the water pressure is, then observe how long water takes to drain from the sink.

If the kitchen has a gas oven, a home inspector will check for any gas odors in the surrounding area. If they detect the smell of gas, it is extremely important to find out the reason.

Electrical outlets are another area that should be checked in the kitchen. Each one should be tested to see if it is working properly.

These are just a few of the areas a home inspector will pay particular attention to when inspecting the kitchen. It is also something that you as a homeowner may want to check from time to time.

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