When walking around a new house that you are thinking about buying, one of the first places that your eye may focus on is the interior walls of the house. Perhaps you like certain details like the color of the paint or if they have a feature, like crown molding, wainscoting or another type of trim. Although, certain details might be appealing, its good to look a little closer, as the walls may tell a different story as to their condition.

It’s good to start off with the basics of wall construction, they are usually constructed with wooden frames with two-by-four studs. These studs are usually covered with drywall and painted over. Interior wall in new houses will usually look great, but it’s over time that you may see signs of a home’s history and concerns.

When checking the walls, don’t be shy to run your hand over certain parts, especially if it seems like there is a change in texture or a repair has been made. It’s important to know these things since it could be an indication of a bigger problem. Changes in the wall could also mean a remodeling issue. If wallpaper was put up at any time in the home’s history and then painted over, this could mean a lot of work if you decide to change it down the road.

You should also be checking for uneven changes along the bottom of the wall, since this may be a sign that work has been done to the house. The interior walls of a home can be changed in many ways to add a lot to its beauty, but can also tell a story of a home’s history.

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