Fire-stops – what are they? It is a simple passive fire prevention method that can diminish the chance of a fire spreading throughout your home through holes in your wall. These openings are mainly found around the perimeter of pipe channels, PVC, and electrical wire.

This method is a required code for all houses no matter where they may be. For instance, fire-stops are required in any unprotected openings in your firewall. These locations may be found in your garage, your living space, attic, and even your overhead ceiling. A couple of problems that result in house fires from fire-stops can include fires-stops that are improperly installed, missing fire stops to begin with, and pipe replacement, which means when an electrician or plumber replaces a pipe, they may have to remove the fire-stop in order to access it.

Having the needed fire-stops can be a great way to provide additional protection for your home. Adhering to the regulations and codes needed for your home will be a great benefit to you and your family in the future.

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